Installation Sonore Grace Gloria Denis pour CUM PANIS

{Untitled}, 2023-2024

Grace Gloria Denis’s work for the exhibition CUM PANIS aims to create a parallel between her research into the world of agriculture, the evolution of bread production and an interactive installation, where immersion is achieved through sound.

This sound work makes his entire installation more user-friendly and invites the discovery of his research in a more accessible way.

Listen to the work here

Grace Denis’ research residency was supported by the Pays d’Agglomération de Montbéliard’s les Couleurs de l’Agglo program, and involved the Archives Municipales de la Ville de Montbéliard, the Association du Fort du Mont Bart, Le Fournil de la Modestie, Michotte et Confiote, the École d’art G.Jacot de Belfort and the collections of the Musée de la résistance et de la déportation de Besançon and the Musée de Grenoble.

Running time: 7 minutes.

Bread on earth, Lexie Smith

Bread on earth is an archive and research project founded by the artist Lexie Smith. It explores the potential of bread - the ultimate food, synonymous with wealth, poverty, the divine and the banal - as a social, political, economic and ecological barometer.

Artist Lexie Smith is calling for contributions to a collaborative database of different types of bread, which will then be accessible to all: researchers, bakers and anyone interested in exploring and preserving global foodways. To add breads to this database, go to the project website: “Bread web”.

Lexie Smith’s installation Making you into what you’re made of was featured in the group exhibition Cum panis : le pain et ses écologies at 19, Crac in Montbéliard from 10th February to 5th May 2024.

Photo : Bread on earth, Lexie Smith.

Guest at the 19 #4: Spring Party - Cum Panis

Guest at the 19 is a podcast produced by *Duu Radio in partnership with 19 Crac, Centre régional d’art contemporain de Montbéliard.

This episode was produced on Saturday 23 March 2024 to register the Fête de Printemps, a day of Spring Party to share and exchange around bread. The programme included the baking of subsistence loaves in the Lespinasse oven at Fort du Mont Bart; a round-table discussion with journalist Farah Keram, Justine Bourg, farmer-baker at Fournil de la Modestine, Alix Gigot, coordinator of La Semeuse, a garden run by the Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers, and Grace Gloria Denis, artist and curator; a screening of the film O Paõ (2023) by Lúcia Prancha, with the artist ; some readings by the Gufo collective; a tasting of fermented products from Le Fournil de la Modestine with Grace Gloria Denis; and a workshops on bread, sourdough and conviviality!

Listen to the programme here

Event organised by 19, Crac de Montbéliard for the exhibition Cum Panis: le pain et ses écologies, from 10 February to 5 May 2024.
As part of Pays de Montbéliard Agglomération, French Capital of Culture 2024.

Duration: 24 min
Direction and post-production: Elen Huynh.
Photo credit: Grace Gloria Denis

Exchange between Arnaud Rognon (farmer) et Julia Morlot (visual artist)

An exchange between Arnaud Rognon, Pascal Laprée (farmers) and Julia Morlot (visual artist), 2022, as part of the artist’s research into his work Regain.

Podcast to listen to here

Julia Morlot’s installation Regain was presented as part of the group exhibition Cum Panis : Le pain et ses écologies at 19, Crac de Montbéliard from 10 February to 5 May 2024.
<Duration: 8 min 56
Editing: Michaël Santos

Reactivation of sourdough, Lexie Smith

As part of the exhibition Cum Panis: bread and its ecologies, artist Lexie Smith is offering you the chance to take home a packet of dehydrated sourdough.

Each packet of sourdough is genetically identical, but will evolve as you bring it back to life. The biological exchange between you and sourdough is two-way: you shape it and it shapes you. Anyone who picks up and maintains a packet of sourdough becomes bound by both the practice and the microbiology.

This sourdough was born in New York in 2014. Packets like the ones available here have already been distributed to nearly 2,000 people in 35 other countries. Your pack will keep indefinitely in a dry place until you’re ready to use it.

Guide to using sourdough:
More information on Bread on earth