The 19, Crac’s publications

The 19, Crac produces a specific publication for each exhibition, documenting it, helping the public to discover it and useful to archive the projects. The Cahiers du 19, designed by our graphic designers Léa Audouze and Margot Duvivier, are rigorous, exhaustive, and educational in their editorial content. Depending on the artistic projects, guest authors (researchers, curators, critics, etc.) also share their views and knowledge about the artists and the works.
The Cahiers are distributed at 19, Crac, but can also be downloaded from our website on each of the pages dedicated to the exhibitions (in French).

On this page, you will discover other publishing formats produced by the 19, Crac:

  • exhibition catalogues (since 2010) published by le 19 or co-published with other partner institutions.
  • limited editions of multiple-works: booklets, protocols, postcards, aprons, t-shirts, tote bags, etc… works produced for an exhibition or a residency and enabling the experience to be extended.
  • And a few essential goodies printed with the help of the artists.

Bread and Salt, december 2023 to January 2024

Amanny Ahmad

American-Palestinian artist Amanny Ahmad is a chef, earthworker, and herbalist. In her research-based practice, she studies food as language, indigenous culinary traditions, the use of plants, stories of resistance and how these elements teach us about creation, survival, and preservation of the world.
For the exhibition Cum Panis at 19, Crac, the artist has written a manifesto, Bread and Salt, which deals with the history of wheat in the Levant and the resulting agricultural and food practices in contemporary Palestine (the geographical zone being the historical and universal home of this cereal). More specifically, the text describes ancestral land and seed practices, the use of bread as a tool of resistance and the sometimes deleterious use of food as a weapon against populations in times of war.

In the frame of Cum Panis – bread and its ecologies, 2024

36 pages Printed in 500 copies 0 €

Le pain comme… [Bread as], 2024

Valeria Mata

Valeria Mata is a Mexican researcher, writer, and anthropologist. Her work focuses on the intersections between artistic practice and anthropology
El pan como [Bread as], is a constituent of a corpus of research she developed as an exploration of the materiality and symbolism of bread as a tool that amplifies our capacity to act with others and the world, addressing the socio-political conditions in which this food can exist. Over the course of her experiments, this research was adapted for the exhibition into a collaborative installation that convenes the various meanings given to bread in everyday life, through different people close to the artist.
For the exhibition Cum Panis at 19, Crac, Mata invited the public to engage with this shared reflection, extending the invitation to the public through the gesture of activating provided postcards.

In the frame of Cum Panis – bread and its ecologies, 2024

10 x 15 cm 2024 0 €

La banane et les huîtres

Asia Komarova, The Outsiders

In March 2023, Txell Blanco and Asia Komarova, members of The Outsiders collective, met Montbéliard inhabitants during a workshop-walk organized to enable them to discover the city. During this urban exploration, the artists discovered, among other things, the Parc de la Banane and the family’s gardens that inspired Asia Komarova for this collage.

As part of the exhibition La ville en jeux, 2023.

10 x 15 cm 2023 0 €

Mooswief Apron

The Outsiders

This apron was created as a tribute to the landscapes and traditions of the city of Maastricht (Netherlands) and its surrounding countryside. It is inspired by the figure of Mooswief, literally “vegetable woman”. The patron saint of the city of Maastricht, she represents the field workers who, in the last century, grew vegetables to feed the inhabitants. Their vegetables were sold every week at the city market.
This work was screen-printed from a kaleidoscope image that mixes residential and rural areas to produce an imaginary landscape.

Handle with care, hand wash at 15 degrees maximum.
Travelling Farm Museum of Forgotten Skills

As part of the exhibition La ville en jeux, 2023.

2023 35 €

Amplifier la vie

Suzanne Husky

Series of 100 embroidered T-shirts.

Produced by La Ressourcerie 90 in Belfort as part of the exhibition La Parabole du Bièvre, 2023.

sold out

2023 30 €

Amplifier la vie #2

Suzanne Husky

Series of 50 tote bags.

Screen-printed by the PRI TOCO workshop in Mulhouse, as part of the exhibition La Parabole du Bièvre, 2023.

sold out

2023 7 €

Se souvenir du présent, esprits de l'assemblage

This book, like the eponymous exhibition, is the result of a meeting between essayist Arnaud Zohou, who is also a generalist on vodoun in Benin, and Anne Giffon-Selle, art historian and director of the contemporary art centre le 19, to discuss the process of assemblage, which is used both in the manufacture of ritual objects and in the works of a number of artists. The book includes a dialogue between Arnaud Zohou and Anne Giffon-Selle, curators of the exhibition; an article on the importance of assemblage in the Fon culture of Benin by art historian Suzanne Preston-Blier; a presentation of the vodoun objects in the Gabin Djimassé collection; and a description of each artist in the exhibition.

129 pages 20x12,5cm 2021 978-2-35075-116-0 15 €

25 years of Le 19

Étienne Bossut, Marielle Paul, Damien Cadio, Lisa Sartorio, Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin, Thierry Liegeois, Nelly Monnier.

To mark its 25th anniversary, 19 Crac is publishing limited editions of notebooks and tote bags with screen-printed motifs designed by 7 artists who exhibited between 1997 and 2019: Étienne Bossut, Marielle Paul, Damien Cadio, Lisa Sartorio, Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin, Thierry Liegeois, Nelly Monnier.

Screen printing: Atelier PRI TOCO Mulhouse.
Notebook €5 - Tote Bag €7

sold out

2020 5/7 €

Eye gymnastics

Marc Buchy

Performative action, protocol.

Gymnastique oculaire is a protocol for a performative action by artist Marc Buchy, inviting people to carry out a series of exercises designed to improve their eyesight.
Thanks to these exercises, eye movements are transformed into a tiny, intimate, almost invisible choreography, enabling the public to train their eyes before visiting the exhibition and afterwards whenever they wish.

This protocol has been printed on postcards as part of the Experiences to be experienced in summer 2020. It is available at the entrance to the art centre.

Marc Buchy was born in 1988 in Metz, France, and lives and works in Brussels. He holds a Master’s degree in Art from Sint-Lukas Brussels and a Post-Master’s degree from the IHEAP in New York. His work uses a variety of mediums and means of transmission that favour contact, the experience of situations, long temporalities and experiences outside or on the fringes of the artistic field. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Belgium (BABEL - ISELP (2019), Encountered Error - Société (2019), Pourquoi faire; pour quoi faire - Eté78 (2019) Private Choices - La Centrale (2017)…) and internationally (Cette question qui…- CAN (Switzerland, 2019), Conditionnel Présent - Frac Grand-Large (France, 2019), 26. 01.2018 until 05.05.2017 - Catherine Bastide Projects (France, 2018) …) as well as various residencies (Lugar à Dudas (Colombia), Fondazione Antonio Ratti (Italy)…). The year 2019 concluded with Tenir à l’œil, his first solo museum exhibition at the invitation of BPS22 - Charleroi (Belgium).

10x15cm 2019 0 €

Anita Molinero

Anita Molinero

Co-edited by 19, Crac de Montbéliard, the Musée des beaux-arts de La-Chaux-de-Fonds, the École municipale des beaux-arts / galerie Édouard Manet, Gennevilliers. The first major catalogue on the artist’s work, Anita Molinero’s monograph aims to capture the ambivalence of her work, which is both heir to an academic history of sculpture and at the same time porous to the effects of science fiction, gore and even newsreels. This 296-page monograph by Anita Molinero offers a retrospective overview of her work, from the 1980s to the present day. Through a sequence of 200 pages of reproductions (exhibition views, studio views, details, alternative locations, etc.), this editorial project plays with chronology to better explore and read these sculptures. Texts by Valérie Mavridorakis, Anne Dressen and Vinciane Despret make up the textual ensemble, which is complemented by a visual contribution produced jointly by Anita Molinero and the celebrated cartoonist Winschluss. A long interview with Paul Bernard, who co-ordinates the book, looks back at the artist’s projects in the public space, both completed and unfinished.

296 pages 22 x 31 cm Galerie Thomas Bernard / Cortex Athletico 2019 979-10-96095-21-6 38 €

Le crédac


Posters and booklet of interviews published on the occasion of Onsemble, a proposal by Amilcar Packer in residence in the Champvallon district in partnership with the Centre social La Lizaine in Bethoncourt and Le 19, Crac in Montbéliard - in parallel with the exhibition (Con)Vivências with guest curator Adeline Lépine.
Onsemble consisted of a series of activities, workshops for children and adults linked to La Lizaine’s programmes, a guided tour and two meals between May and July 2019.

21 x 29,7 cm Le 19, Crac 2019 978-2-35075-115-3 0 €

La nuit craque sous nos doigts

Sarah Ritter

La nuit craque sous nos doigts covers several years of Sarah Ritter’s photography. This first monograph by the photographer is accompanied by an original play by Christophe Fiat based on the photographs in the book. Sarah Ritter doesn’t work by anticipation, but by “occasion”, surveying various terrains without knowing precisely what she’s looking for in advance. These opportunities allow her to accumulate a certain number of images which, little by little, find their place in her work and are articulated together. She is looking for a tipping point between what is visible, what is shown in the image, and what is not seen. At the heart of this blind intention, the montage of images becomes like a choir, an affirmed equivocity.

143 pages 19 x 25 cm Loco 2019 978-284314-008-2 35 €

En lieux

Thierry Géhin

Le 19 has provided financial support for this monograph. It presents the installations and interventions produced by artist Thierry Géhin since 2000. Based on the principle that every place potentially contains other places, waiting to be revealed, these often involve a housing structure, or the function and nature of a space to be invested, or even the experience of its users, always based on precise data. The book brings together around thirty projects, most of them in situ, showing a new experimentation and a sharpened perception of places, whose transformation can be temporary or permanent. Célia Charvet, Yves Ravey and Nicolas Surlapierre are the three authors of the book, providing three different and complementary perspectives on this universe in previously unpublished texts.

30 pages 20 x 26,5 cm SilvanaEditoriale 2016 9788836631100 20 €

Hôpital Traversée

Marc Cellier, Alexandre Roccuzzo

96 pages 21 x 14,5 cm Le 19, Crac Montbeliard 2016 9782350751085 8 €

Trois fois rien

Philippe Cyrounik, Eric Suchère

104 pages 24 x 17 cm le 19, Crac Montbeliard 2016 9782350750972 15 €

Pierre Tual

Pierre Tual, Philippe Cyroulnik

32 pages pages 10,5 x 14,8 cm le 19 Crac 2015 9782350751061 5 €


Carlos Kusnir, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Frédéric Valabrègue, Philippe Cyroulnik

96 pages pages 20 x 15 cm Le 19, Crac Montbeliard 2015 9782350751030 15 €

Figure[s] out

Fabienne Ballandras

82 pages pages 28 x 18,5 cm le 19, Crac Montbeliard 2015 9782350751078 15 €

Retour sur l'abîme - L'art à l'épreuve du génocide

Helene Cixous, Jean-Christophe Bailly, Pierre Wat, Alexandre Roccuzzo, Philippe Cyroulnik, Nicolas Surlapierre

Retour sur l’abîme evokes one of the fundamental tragedies of the 20th century, a veritable scar on our contemporary history.

316 pages pages 22,2 x 27 cm Mare & Martin 2015 979-10-92054-54-5 28 €

Pierre-Yves Freund

Pierre Yves Freund, Caroline Sagot Duvauroux, Philippe Cyroulnik

72 pages pages 17 x17 cm le 19, Crac Montbeliard et Les Musée(s) de Belfort 2015 9782350751054 15 €


Karl Möllers

60 pages pages 14,8 x 10,5 cm le 19 CRAC 2015 978-2-35075-099-6 5 €

En chantier

Driss Aroussi

40 pages pages 14,8 x 10,5 cm le 19 CRAC 2015 978-2-35075-100-9 5 €

Zone de production Naissance d'une automobile

Dominique Dehais, Emmanuel Hermange, Philippe Cyroulnik

This book is the result of almost four years’ work, including a residency, an exhibition, a period of reflection and writing. It gives an account of the back-and-forth between the social and the aesthetic, between ordinary production, the wounds it inflicts on human beings and the resistance it provokes. Dominique Dehais reveals the forms this can take and the imaginary world it can engender. He recounts his own experience. He examines the production of this singular work which, through a process of deconstruction, reveals a sum of gestures that form a veritable ‘anamnesis’ of the production of this particular object that is a car. He questions the exhibition and the integration of the invisible part of the object: its producers. The exhibition is accompanied by interviews with workers at PSA Montbéliard and a major contribution by art critic Emmanuel Hermange, the result of numerous exchanges with the artist. The links that the artist has been able to establish between the fields of production and art, and the way in which he has taken on the question of the human being, his place in production and the strong impact that this has on the workers on the production line, are not the least of the singularities of this work, which is deeply involved in social reality. It is this specificity that was decisive in the association between Le 19, Crac and Nouvelle Vie Ouvrière to support and bring this editorial project to fruition.

156 pages pages 14,8 x 21 cm le 19, Crac Montbeliard/VO éditions 2014 9782913462168 20 €

L'imagination est un pays où il pleut

François Bouillon, Camille Saint-Jacques

56 pages pages 23,5 x 25,5 cm Editions La pionnière 2014 978-2-908092-66-0 39 €

Jean-Marc Thommen, à main levée

Jean-Marc Thommen

64 pages pages 17 x 24 cm le 19, Crac Montbéliard/Le Vog, Centre d'art contemporain de Fontaine 2014 978-2-35075-095-8 15 €

A promise of change

Alain Coulange

This publication is edited by le 19, Centre régional d’art contemporain de Montbéliard, on the occasion of the exhibition at the Gérard Jacot art school in Belfort from 28th September to 16th November 2013 with the support of the Caisse d’Epargne de Bourgogne Franche-comté.

32 pages pages 14,8 x 21 cm le 19, Crac Montbeliard 2013 978-2-35075-094-1 8 €

Lisa Sartorio

Lisa Sartorio, Philippe Cyroulnik

Lisa SARTORIO’s background is in sculpture and performance. Influenced by her training as a visual artist, her photographic work questions the space between: two places, two people, two words, two arts, two times. A sum of spaces in the middle or interstices, these images straddle genres, between photography and cinema, photography and drawing, photography and object. Lisa Sartorio is committed to narrative, and through these extensions of the photographic field she seeks to go beyond the instant to tell the story of moments.

60 pages pages 10,5 x 14,8 cm le 19 Crac 2013 978-2-35075-092-7 5 €

Nicolas Pilard

Luc Jeand'heur, Philippe Cyroulnik, Nicolas Pilard

64 pages pages 17x 24 cm le 19, Crac Montbeliard - la panicothèque 2013 978-2-35075-091-0 15 €

Espaces de destins Espèces de dessins – Un choix d’Al Martin

Al Martin, Philippe Cyroulnik

Distribution et diffusion : Pollen diffusion

96 pages pages 17 x 24 cm le 19, Crac Montbeliard 2013 9782359060935 39 €

Yves Robuschi

Yves Robuschi, Philippe Cyroulnik

56 pages pages 10,5 x 14,8 cm le 19, Crac montbeliard 2013 978-2-35075-089-7 5 €

Mathias Milhaud

Mathias Milhaud, Philippe Cyroulnik

20 pages pages 14,8 x 10,5 cm le 19, Crac montbeliard 2012 9782350750903 5 €

Corinne Chotycki - Jonathan Pornin

Philippe Cyrounik, Jonathan Pornin, Corinne Chotycki

40 pages pages 14,8 x 10,5 cm le 19, Crac montbeliard 2012 9782350750804 5 €

Gasiorowski - Peinture - Fiction

Eric Suchère

Gasiorowski’s work is one of the fundamental pictorial adventures of the second half of the twentieth century for French and European painting. From the paintings of the 1960s, in which black and white absorbed the colours of reality in twilight scenes of melancholy irony, to this undertaking to reduce and then dissolve the figure in white, a march towards silence unfolded. This march involves the disintegration of modernist heroism under the blows of the bad genre and self-mockery. This deliberate regression led to the exposure of the ego in all its crudeness, and then to its dislocation in the anagram of the name. The ultimate point of this disengagement was to withdraw into his body and its secretions. This archaization of the artist-subject goes hand in hand with maintaining a relationship with the founding signs and figures of art and modernity. From this original nucleus, where Gasiorowski stood like a “primitive”, he made a journey that, from Lascaux to Manet, ploughed through and sowed the seeds of painting. Éric Suchère has tackled the exceptional complexity of this work, its lineaments and its roots, in a text commensurate with the multiple resonances it offers. Philippe Cyroulnik

216 pages pages 14 x 21 cm le 19, Crac montbeliard - Frac Auvergne 2012 978-2-35075-085-9 22 €

Frédéric Bouffandeau

Frédéric Bouffandeau, Cédric Loire

For several years now, Frédéric Bouffandeau’s abstract and distanced painting, stripped back in its means but often sensual in its effects, has developed exclusively from a matrix form - a kind of irregular, scalloped corolla or areola. The repetitions and superimpositions, the shifts and rotations to which this matrix form has been subjected have generated linear and reticulated structures, all over, stratifications of coloured, opaque or translucent planes, and random cut-outs that in turn generate new formal configurations (extract from the preface by Cédric Loire).

64 pages pages 24 x 17 cm le 19, Crac montbeliard 2011 978-2-35075-069-9 15 €


Camille Saint-Jacques

A “day” is the surface of fresh plaster that a fresco painter prepares for his day’s work. Its dimensions vary according to the season, the difficulty of the motif to be painted, the convenience of the location, the draughts… This book is a narrative. More than an essay or a studio diary, it tells less about how the artist paints than about what the experience of painting does to the painter. It’s a book full of images, without reproductions, about the thousand-year-old history, shared and singular, of the romantic couple formed by the painter and painting. Whether you take it as an invitation to paint, a teaching, a novel…

160 pages pages 12,5 x 19 cm Le 19, Crac Montbeliard, LIENART éditions 2011 978-2-35906-068-3- EAN : 9782359060683 22 €

Les unes et les autres

Jean Rault

The retrospectives of Jean Rault’s portraits organised by 19, Centre régional d’art contemporain de Montbéliard and by the Musée de Louviers highlight the coherence of the work of this major photographer who, while making forays into other fields such as landscape, made the portrait the focus of his work. His work took off under the auspices of two portrait masters, August Sander and Diane Arbus. His work lies at the crossroads of what can function as a clue and a symptom in the image of the body. Jean Rault’s portraits reveal an extreme attention to the other: to this other and this other embodied and captured in what they crystallise of life, charge and desire. But also the wounds, the stigmata and the violence of their own existence and the gaze that stares back at them. The fact that it is being shown at the Musée de Louviers in particular is symbolic. It was there, at the start of his career, that he found the curator at the time, Anne-Marie Rothiot, particularly attentive to his work. Coming to the Musée de Louviers, on the enlightened advice of the pioneering Pierre Gaudibert, founding curator of the ARC in Paris, to present his early work and receive his initial advice, was a moment of great importance for him, marking his career as a kind of memorial marker. Returning to this museum today is, in a way, a measure of how far he has come. This monograph devoted to Jean Rault’s portraits brings out with impressive force his art of laying bare the body and human beings, revealing their multiple radiance, but also the shadows and ambivalence that shape them. And it does so with an acuity and awareness that draws its light from a subtle dialogue between the body and what painting has been able to deliver in its densest form. Featuring a large number of reproductions, this work benefits from the expert contributions of three authors. In a dense text, historian and critic Pierre Wat sheds essential light on the characteristics of this major work. The philosopher Marcel Hénaff circumscribes the aim of his art of stripping the body to reveal humanity in all its states. Finally, the critic Catherine Pomparat, combining text and image, in a nod to Roland Barthes, brings to light the intersection of East and West in the artist’s photographs since his deliberate inclusion in the Japanese cultural space. Philippe Cyroulnik, director of 19, Centre régional d’art contemporain de Montbéliard Michel Natier, director of the Musée de Louviers

112 pages pages 22 x 22 cm Le musée de Louviers et le 19 2011 978-2-35075-067-5 25 €


Gilgian Gelzer, Éric Suchère

For almost three years, Éric Suchère and Gilgian Gelzer corresponded. The first would send a text to the second, who would send it back with a drawing, to which the first would reply with another text, which would inevitably be enhanced by a drawing and sent back to the first… The publication follows the chronological order of these letters, but another order is possible: that indicated by the numbers at the top of the pages.

40 pages pages 17 x 24 cm le 19, Crac Montbeliard 2010 978-2-35075-054-5 20 €