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Blood in the machine

Assemble is a multidisciplinary collective working in the fields of architecture, design and
the visual arts. Founded in 2010 to design a single project (The Cineroleum, the temporary
occupation of a former service station in London by a cinema), Assemble has since
delivered a diverse body of work recognised by international awards (including the Turner
Prize in 2015 in the United Kingdom for The Granby Workshop in Liverpool). They promote a democratic and cooperative working method that enables the production of artistic projects that are co-constructed and socially engaged by nature, and always based on the
exploration of a place, a territory or a situation investigated “from the inside”. Their projects
combine all the scales of construction to generate “learning by doing” situations.

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Montage en cours

Fermeture jusqu'au 07/06

Le centre d’art est actuellement fermé pour permettre le montage de la prochaine exposition. Rendez-vous le vendredi 7 juin à partir de 18h30 pour le vernissage de l’exposition Blood in the machine du collectif Assemble !

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