Angélique Pichon - Culture Justice

*May 2022

Angélique Pichon was born in 1993. After gaining a CAP in photography in 2013, she is a graduate from the École supérieure d’art d’Annecy, specialising in design and space, with a DNSEP (Annecy Higher Art Diploma). Alongside her work as a visual photographer, she is a regular speaker at art workshops for people from all walks of life.

During these workshops, proposed by the 19, Crac de Montbéliard, artist and photographer Angélique Pichon will be offering participants the chance to take a fresh look at their everyday world through the medium of film photography. Each session will explore a new way of photographing, printing or processing photography. These workshops will take place in April and May 2022, in five 3-hour sessions. 
The results of these productions may be presented in a form yet to be determined.

“By practising different film photography techniques (pinhole, cyanotype, etc.), workshop participants will be able to take a different look at their everyday world. Observing, framing, experimenting with motion blur, depth of field, backlighting, close-ups, printing, under- or over-exposure? So many variables that can transform or, on the contrary, exacerbate reality.
Today’s photographs are immediately thought up, taken and distributed. Here we’re going to take a step back in time, slowing it down and making the most of it. It takes time to take the shot and to make the final print. But time can also work in photography’s favour. Imagine the possibilities with a 4 minute break? What is a 4-minute photo? A film contracted to a single image, an overprint… What impact would this variable have on the photograph of the participants’ everyday space?
These techniques require experimentation, and the result is not always what you want. They require patience and observation, but also the pleasure of letting yourself be surprised.
Photographing the ‘everyday’ may, at first sight, seem absurd and banal, but with a certain angle, a certain light and a certain amount of time, the everyday can be transformed and take our imagination elsewhere.”

Angélique Pichon

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