Pauline Delwaulle - Artistes plasticiens au lycée


Initiated by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region and the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté DRAC

The aim of this residency is to work together - artist, students and teachers - to create one or more works, from conception to exhibition, through a unique creative experience.

At the centre of Pauline Delwaulle’s projects is the question of how space and landscape are written and represented. Drawing on documentary, contemporary art and literature, her work develops in rhizomes, whether through interventions in nature, digital maps or film.
How do you express a space in words, measurements or drawings?
The artist often begins by researching and then meeting the site to take ‘samples’. These data, whether topographical, luminous or historical, become the elements to be assembled, calculated and redesigned. They then reveal the elements of a landscape, without showing it directly, by highlighting only a few strong lines that can tell the story of what it is, but also give the landscape a sensitive feel.
“The map always gives a feeling of truth and accuracy, and is the ideal medium for daydreams, adventures and journeys,” explains the artist.

During her residency, Pauline Delwaulle wants to work with pupils on the GPS tracks we leave behind us, sometimes without realising it, and which create a map of our daily movements and journeys. A map that tells a story, a fiction imbued with reality.

In 2021-2022, students on the Joiners CFA Franche-Comté vocational training course in Bethoncourt and students on the Landscaping CFA vocational training course in Valdoie will be taking part in the project.

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Pauline Delwaulle, Résidence CFA de Valdoie, 2022.
Pauline Delwaulle, Résidence CFA de Valdoie, 2022
Pauline Delwaulle, Résidence CFA de Valdoie, 2022.
Pauline Delwaulle, Résidence CFA de Bethoncourt, 2022.
Pauline Delwaulle, Résidence CFA de Bethoncourt, 2022