Pourquoi Pas ?! - PMA Capitale française de la culture 2024

*April - July 2024

It’s a question of adopting an ingenuous stance without presaging what should or shouldn’t be done - because we don’t know the district, its inhabitants or the dynamics at work. For the time being, there is no definite brief, simply a desire to co-construct an approach that is rooted in the realities of the area and informed by citizen involvement. To achieve this, we’ve enlisted the help of the Centre Social de la Lizaine, which acts as a focal point for local people’s desires and issues. We are relying on existing resources and local players, with 19 Crac at the forefront, inviting us in and creating the conditions for successful immersion.
With this framework in place, we now had to find the methods and levers to develop an action programme and associated timetable, despite the geographical distance. Out of sight, out of mind? Not so sure!

We’re starting to set up a correspondence system, with postcards recounting our first impressions of Bethoncourt. The postcards are intended to be used as a means of communicating with the public-users of the Lizaine, as well as an invitation to come and meet us during our next on-site visits. What about a walking trail through the neighbourhood, or thinking about an identified meeting place? These initial suggestions are the pretext for a sensitive re-reading of the spaces and habits by the residents. The shape of the project will take shape as we go along, in successive back-and-forths between an invitation to the imagination and expert use.

*Residency carried out with the Centre socio-culturel La Lizaine and the residents of Bethoncourt as part of Pays de Montbéliard Capitale française de la culture 2024.

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Carte postale produite par le collectif Pourquoi Pas ?!, 2024.
Carte postale produite par le collectif Pourquoi Pas ?!, 2024.