C' Party! 2023

To celebrate summer time, the 19, Crac invites you to fall back into childhood during a long afternoon of games, experimentation and alternative education dispositives in the frame of the exhibitions La ville en jeux from The Outsiders and Le Terrain d’aventure des Résidences à Belfort based on Jean-Jacques Mathieu’s archives.


  • 2.15pm - Stories from the adventure playgrounds: Round-table discussion with Gilles Raveneau, anthropologist and member of the TAPLA laboratory on adventure playgrounds in France; Jean-Michel Kuntz and Henri Huttges, co- participants of the Belfort adventure playground and social education activists; and Eugène Jolly of CEMEA Besançon and co-conceptor of the Planoise adventure playground in April
  • 3.45pm - Cantine Orchestra : Creation hosted by Chef, inventor and sound artist Alexis Malbert aka Tapetronic. The public is invited to discover and manipulate a series of unusual sound machines designed with kitchen utensils and ingredients: electronic spoons to put in the ears, a radio that runs on salt, a pie that uses sound vibrations to compose its ingredients. The result is a futuristic menu with starter, main course and dessert.

  • 5pm - Anthology of playgrounds: Conference by Vincent Romagny, artist and researcher on artists’; playgrounds. Vincent Romagny is studying the relationship between playgrounds and the concerns of artists who, far from confining themselves to the autonomy of their art, are thinking about and working on the conditions for living together. His research is driven by the aim to find answers to a persistent doubt: is the playground a space of freedom or of control?

  • 6pm - Radio Minus DJ set: An atypical web radio station for curious young listeners, Radio Minus aims to research, archive, document and broadcast to as many people as possible the hidden treasures of music for and by children: music from all countries, all styles, all eras, in good and bad taste!

  • Continuous: Dead Sun and Mini Reich (screening) Six films made by Marc Guétault with the Jean Macé primary school in Chinon. Selected by
    Frédérique Barré / Collection Ciclic-Centre Val de Loire.
    In the early 1970s, Marc Guétault, a primary school teacher affiliated with the Freinet movement, explored the idea of animated film with his classes, making 26 films with them. Pupils were given the opportunity to invent, create, and discover all the tricks, gimmicks and basic techniques of animation and filming. Pixilation, cut-out paper animation (photos, drawings) and live action are experimented with a backdrop of an apocalyptic Third Reich, a dismembered princess, a dying sun, and so on.

  • Continuous brodcast: Prends le temps d’écouter - Musique d’expression libre dans les classes Freinet - 1962/1982 (BORN BAD RECORDS)
    !! Preview broadcast!

Free of charge.
Continuous art workshops for children

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