The Outsiders, Casco Art Institut

Summer School #1, unlearning and creating in rurbanity

In regards with its aims as an art centre of national interest based in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, the 19, Crac proposes to set up an annual event to bring together art and social professionals. The aim of the Summer School is to open up the research, subjects and reflections generated by the art centre’s programming to spaces for collective and forward-looking exchanges. It also projects to respond to the identified needs of contemporary art professionals in the region, who deplore the lack of situations and places where they can meet and share common issues. The Summer School’s artistic and cultural programme aims to expand this space where art, mediation, learning and the territory are co-constructed. It combines conversations, workshops and masterclasses, as well as screenings, performances and lectures, depending on the artists invited, the exhibitions on show and the feedback from participants.

As part of The Outsiders’exhibition La ville en jeux, the first Summer School investigates the commons as a shared resource. Based on the artistic projects of The Outsiders and the Casco Art Institut (Utrecht, Netherlands), professionals and families are invited to take part in discussions and experiments at Le 19 and La Damassine (an educational orchard centre in Vandoncourt).

//////// From 10am to 1pm at Le 19, Crac
Leana Boven, a member of the Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commnons team, and artist Annette Krauss are offering the “Unlearning Overproduction” workshop, aimed at anyone interested in the process linking art and the making of commons. This workshop wishes to give to the participants the capacity, through unlearning, to imagine and create new postures and actions in the field of art, culture and the social, beyond traditional institutional frameworks.
Their contribution is part of the Unlearning Center, a programme developed by Casco Art Insititue in Utrecht. This workshop will be held in English with simultaneous translation.

//////// 2pm to 5pm at la Damassine
The Outsiders collective (Asia Komarova, Twell Blanco and Merel Zwarts) are proposing a reactivation of the mobile work Meadow Birds, presented in the exhibition, in collaboration with the team at La Damassine, focusing on orchard birds in Holland and France.