Emilie Soumba

Fugitive, La Box du 19 #8

Émilie Soumba is the winner of the call 2023 for art projects from students and graduates of art schools in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and Grand Est regions. She is taking over the “Box” from the art center with her installation entitled Fugitive, which coincides as well with the City of Montbéliard’s Christmas Lights event.

“The Fugitive project is inspired by a souvenir object brought back from a trip to remember the places we’ve visited, or given as a gift to those who couldn’t travel. A kitsch gadget that invites the snow to the beach, glitters on the pyramids, on the Louvre or the slag heaps of the coalfields, and that continues to make many children and adults dream: the snow globe.
So what if the 19, Crac’s box was transformed into a snow globe?
What if this box became the setting for a winter landscape?
How could we freeze that fleeting moment, that fleeting vision of snowflakes falling on an upside-down landscape?”

Émilie Soumba

Infos utiles

Émilie Soumba (*1987, lives and works in Besançon) obtained her DNSEP in 2022 from the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts in Besançon. She works mainly in volume, between sculpture, installation and the design of wall pieces that play on the porosity between sculpture, bas-relief and painting. She is interested in the notion of “remains”. Material remains, vestiges of our society, rejected as obsolete, unsaleable, unusable or disgusting. Immaterial remains, like memories, snatches of stories battered by time. A common thread materialised in the gestures of collecting, imprinting, and assembling.

Émilie Soumba has built up her “materials library” drawing her inspiration from what might be considered trivial or insignificant: from domestic or industrial waste to the condiment you find in your kitchen, from a puddle of stagnant water to an object abandoned on a street corner. These are all fragments, elements that bear witness to human activity, whose status she questions and which she diverts into a fictional universe imbued with poetry.

Emilie Soumba, Fugitive, Box du 19 2023. Photo A. Pichon / Le 19, Crac.
Emilie Soumba, Fugitive, Box du 19 2023. Photo A. Pichon / Le 19, Crac.